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Kringutrustning » Headset & Hörlurar » Mikrofon
Gaming » Headset & Hörlurar » Tillbehör
Märke:Antlion Audio

Modmic XLR Power Converter

Modmic XLR Power Converter

[ GDL-3220 ]

The Antlion XLR Power Converter is the most efficient way to use a ModMic with a mixer, audio interface, or other 48v, 3-pin, XLR power source. The converter decreases the operating voltage to a safe level for all 5v, 3.5mm, microphones.
When paired with a ModMic 5, you get the full quality you expect from an XLR mic without the bulk and weight. Our built-in Proximity Compensator recognizes the way voices change as a microphone nears the source and adjusts the signal accordingly. This tuning delivers the most natural sounding voice regardless of proximity. An ideal choice for streaming and casting.

x Safely use the ModMic with 48v XLR Interfaces
x Works on other plugin-power 5v mics
x Proximity Compensator delivers more natural vocals for boom microphones
x Stellar -115db Dynamic Range

Modmic XLR Power Converter
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