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Fadecase M9 Ruby

Fadecase M9 Ruby
Fadecase M9 Ruby
Fadecase M9 Ruby

Fadecase M9 Ruby

[ 1042 ]
M9 Bayonet - Ruby

The M9 bayonet knife was formerly designed to be effective at close-quoters combat and to be connected to a rifle. It was officially adopted in 1986 by the United States.

Each knife blade is diamond engraved with "C" logo to represent a quality emblem. The unique engraved serial number makes your knife completely unique from any other. Each knife comes with a protective sheath and a golden collector box.

You can register your knife at Fadecase's official site to receive special promotions and bonuses.

Product specification

Handle material: ABS, Fiberglass
Blade material: 420 stainless steel
Blade Length: 20 cm - 7.9 inches
Total knife length: 32.5 cm - 12.8 inches
Blade Finish: Glossy

Fadecase M9 Ruby
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